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Penkių žvaigždučių viešbutis „Amsterdam Plaza“


Hotel “Amsterdam Plaza” (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel) – is the Hotel located at Vytauto street 79, Palanga, Lithuania.

Hotel Operator – JSC “Mega Invest”, registration address Vytauto str. 79, Palanga LT-00134, Lithuania, company code 302508566, VAT code LT100005440711.

Hotel area – all Hotel rooms and public areas of the Hotel (including reception, atrium, corridors, restaurant, outdoor terrace, conference hall, SPA area, gym, underground parking lot, street parking lot and other inside and outside premises of the Hotel).

Hotel guest – every person in the Hotel area.

Customer – the person interested in / intending to use the Hotel services.

These General internal rules and terms of provision of hotel services (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) set out the procedures and conditions for the provision of the Hotel services, the mandatory obligations and rights of guests, security and other requirements.

Those Rules are obligatory to all Hotel guests. By registering at the Hotel, each guest confirms that he/she has read these Rules and the accompanying persons are familiar with them as well. Each guest and accompanying persons undertake to comply with the Rules unconditionally. The registered guests are responsible for any consequence due to lack of knowledge about these Rules or non-compliance with them. The guests who do not agree to follow these Rules are not provided with the Hotel services and must leave the Hotel.

  2. 1. The Hotel services are: accommodation, restaurant and catering services, rental of the Hotel premises, meetings & events services, SPA & wellness, gym services.


  2. Reservations for the Hotel services must be sent to the Hotel by e-mail, submitted by phone call or presented upon arrival to the Hotel.
  3. The Customer must provide the following information: dates of arrival / departure, number of guests arriving to the Hotel, their names, surnames, category of the selected room, other selected services, the method of payment.
  4. The Customer confirms that he/she is familiar with the Rules and obligates to obey them unconditionally.
  5. The Customer must inform the Hotel in case there is a valid cooperation agreement or other valid deal before submitting the reservation.
  6. Upon receipt of request for reservation, the Hotelprovides the offer with the required detailed information: price, duration, required advance payment, cancellation terms and other relevant
  7. Afterreceipt of Customer’s payment, the Hotel issues a confirmation of reservation indicating the confirmation number. The status of paid & confirmed reservation is guaranteed. In some exceptional cases determined by the Hotel, the reservations guaranteed by credit card or cooperation agreement are also considered as guaranteed.
  8. In case the submitted non-guaranteed reservation is not paid by the Customer until 3 p.m. of the payment deadline date, the reservation can be cancelled without any prior notice.
  9. The agreement for the provision of services is consideredas valid, when the Hotel has received the reservation for its services and has confirmed it. Verbal agreement between the parties is not valid until it is confirmed in writing. The cooperation agreement abandons all previous agreements between the parties regarding the terms and conditions of provision of the Hotel services and obliges them to perform the concluded agreement.


  1. Each guest must present a valid ID at the Hotel reception during check-in procedure.
  2. During the check-in at the Hotel reception, the guest must fill in a “Guest Registration Card” and provide the following information: full name, date of birth, valid ID / passport number, phone number, e-mail address, accompanying guests’ names, arrival and departure dates, children age, vehicle registration number and sign the card.
  3. During check-in the Hotel receptionist:
    • Verifies the data filled by the guest on the „Guest Registration Card“, verifies the identity of the guest, verifies the identity of the credit card holder, performs a credit card verification operation in accordance with the bank recommendations in order to establish the validity and legality of the payment or other related transactions.
    • Checks the validity of a visa (if applicable) in accordance with the procedures of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
    • Provides the guest with the detailed information about the Hotel services, special offers, restaurant, SPA and gym opening hours.


  1. Check-in time – from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival.
  2. Check-out time – by noontime on the day of departure.
  3. The guest must inform the Reception in advance in case he/she wants to check-out later. Reception extends the check-out time upon availability: 50% charge of the daily room rate is applied for the departure before 6 p. m.; 100% charge of the daily room rate is applied for the departure after 6 p. m.The Receptionist extends the validity of electronic room key-card accordingly.


  2. The Hotel services and its prices are set by the Hotel Operator.
  3. Prices of services are setin euros (including VAT), payment & cancellation terms are indicated in cooperation agreements, confirmations of individual reservation, on www.amsterdamplaza.lt, Hotel reservation systems and other official information material. The Hotel reserves the right to change the services and prices without a prior notice. The price of the Hotel services indicated in the Hotel confirmation can be changed by written agreement of the parties.
  4. The guest can pay for the Hotel services in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer.
  5. The amount of the advance payment, deadline of payment and the terms of its refund are provided in the cooperation agreement, individual agreement, offer, confirmationof the Hotel reservation and / or in the advance payment invoice.
  6. The guest must pay for the accommodation serviceon the day of arrival, unless otherwise agreed with the Hotel. All additional services can be paid after they have been provided, unless otherwise required by the Hotel. Other payment conditions may be applied if it is foreseen in the cooperation agreement between the parties.
  7. The guestmust pay for the meetings & event services according to the terms & conditions set in the Hotel confirmation of these services.
  8. The guest who stays at the Hotel less than one day (21 hours) has to pay full daily price for the accommodation, irrespective of arrival, departure or payment time.
  9. Reserved and prepaid Hotel services are not refunded if the guest has not used them and has not notified the Hotel about the cancellation of services in accordance with the confirmationof reservation, cooperation agreement and/or these Rules.
  10. If the guest leaves the Hotel earlier than it was planned, the payment for the unused services is not refunded.
  11. If the guest cancels the booked services after the free cancellation deadline, the prepaid reservation fee is considered as a direct and unprovable loss of the Hotel and is not refunded to the guest.
  12. The following cancellation fees are appliedin case of cancellation of flexible payment reservation or in case of guest’s no-show:
    • In case the cancellation is received no later than 3 days before the arrival day during the low season (except of Christmas and New Year season and other Festive days)no cancellation fee is applied. In other cases, the Hotel reserves the right to apply the cancellation fee which is equal to the contractual price of the cancelled reservation.
    • In case the cancellation is received no later than 7 days before the arrival day during the mid-season, no cancellation fee is applied. In other cases, the Hotel reserves the right to apply the cancellation fee which is equal to the contractual price of the cancelled reservation.
    • In case the cancellation is received no later than 31 day before the arrival day during the high season (summer time and Festive days) no cancellation fee shall be applied. In other cases, the Hotel reserves the right to apply the cancellation fee which is equal to the contractual price of the cancelled reservation.
    • In case of no-show, the Hotel reserves the right to apply the no-showfee which is equal to the contractual price of the cancelled reservation.
  13. The reservation iscanceled in case of failure to settle the required advance payment. A new reservation is made upon availability of the Hotel.
  14. The full accommodation price is applied in case of a single room occupancy. Extra persons can be accommodated in the room with the Hotel discretion only. The Hotel applies extra charge for each extra person.
  15. The Hotel applies extra charge for each additional person in case there are more guests staying in the Hotel room than it was agreed upon making the reservation.
  16. The guest who is willing to bringto the Hotel a pet must inform the Hotel in advance. The Hotel can accommodate pets weighting up to 10 kg. The certain pet fee per night/per pet is applied. The owner of the pet is responsible for the pet and must follow the „Rules of staying with a pet at the Amsterdam Plaza Hotel” (a copy of these rules is provided during check-in). The owner must compensate to the Hotel or a third party any damages made by pet during their stay. A fine of 100 Eur/day is applied in case a pet is kept in the Hotel room without the discretion of the Hotel administration.
  17. The ordered SPA treatment can be cancelled free of charge no later than 5 (five) hours before the set time. In case of late cancellation or guest’s no-show, the Hotel charges the guest a fee which is equal to the full price of an unattended SPA treatment.
  18. Any visitors coming to theHotel to visit the guest for more than 1 hour must check-in to the Hotel, present a valid ID and pay for the accommodation.
  19. The Hotel reservesthe right not to allow visitors to the Hotel in case they may cause any inconvenience to the other guests of the Hotel.
  20. If the Hotel guest fails to fulfill his / her obligations under the mutual agreement and / or uses the accommodation, catering or conference facilities provided in aninappropriate manner, the Hotel reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement with the guest and demand to pay the full price of the reservation.
  21. The Hotel has a right to move the guest’s belongings from his/her room to another assigned area in the Hotel and free up the room, in case: the guest fails to check-out on time and the Hotel does not have a possibility to contact him/her; the guest ignores the Hotel requirement to pay for the services provided to him/her and depart from the Hotel.
  22. In case the guest causes material damages to the Hotel and leaves the Hotel without notifying it or depart without paying for the services provided, the Hotel has the right to charge the respective amount of loss or unpaid services from the guest’s bank card presented upon check-in. The Hotel informs the guest about this payment transaction using the contacts, indicated in the guest’s registration card. By registering at the Hotel and accepting these Rules, the guest authorizes the Hotel for such payment transaction.
  24. The liability of the Hotel for the storage of guests’ belongings in the Hotel is regulated by Article 6.865 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
  25. The Hotel is not liablefor the guests’ items, valuables, which are left unattended, are lost or damaged in the Hotel
  26. The Hotel isnot liable if the items which are lost/perished/damaged due to the owners’ or their visitors’ fault, force majeure or due to the specific features of the item itself.
  27. The guest hasan access to a safe deposit box in the Hotel room. Placing items in the in-room safe deposit box is not considered a transfer of liability for these items to the Hotel. The content of the safe deposit box is not known to the Hotel. The Hotel is not responsible for the preservation, loss, shortage or accidental damage of items left in the safe deposit box under Article 6.865 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
  28. The Hotel underground parking lot and parking spaces on the street next to the Hotel are not guarded. The Hotel is not responsible for the safety of guests’ vehiclesand items / pets left inside it.
  29. The guest is responsible for his / her own safety and health while using the Hotel services. The guest must comply with the applicable security rules. The Hotel contacts the relevant authorities immediately in case the guest behaves illegitimately, criminally, against the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. 
  30. The parking spacesfor the guests’ vehicles are allocated in accordance to the number of booked rooms – one parking space shall be allocated for one room.
  31. The Hotel undertakes to store the items left by the guestin the Hotel room for 3 months after the date of The Hotel can send the found/stored item to the guest in case the guest presents such a request and pays the delivery costs.
  32. The guest staying in the Hotel must observe cleanliness, properly use the equipment, furniture and other items in the Hotel area, immediately notify the Hotel of any damagesobserved.
  33. The Hotel guests are not entitled to take awayany of the Hotel items when leaving the Hotel, except for single-use hygiene products.
  34. The guestsmust compensate the damage to the Hotel or other guests’ property / health made by them or their visitors in accordance with the procedures established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. In case the Hotel cannot accommodate other guests in the room due to the damage made, the guests in charge of this damage must compensate the full price of the room for the whole period until the damage is fixed. Parents or guardians are responsible for any damage caused by


  1. The Hotel providesaccommodation, catering, meetings & events, SPA & wellness services in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  2. Video surveillance cameras areinstalled in the public areas and outside of the Hotel to ensure the security of guests and their property.
  3. The Hotel reception is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Housekeeping service is available daily. Rooms are cleaned from 9m. until 5 p.m. or at another time agreed with the guest.
  5. The room is prepared for a night during evening service between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sofa-bed or extra beds are prepared for a night if required.
  6. Cleaning of the Hotel rooms and publicareas complies with the hygiene standards established by the Public Health Center.
  7. Bed linen is changed every 3rd Bed linen can be changed more/less frequently at the guest’s request.
  8. The Hotel bath towels are changed if they are left on the floor.
  9. The room is not cleaned if the card “Please do not disturb” is hanged on the door.
  10. The Hotel administration has the right to enter the rooms occupied by guests in order to ensure the Hotel order and security.
  11. The Hotel staffhas the right to make minor maintenance, repairs of rooms and / or inventory without disturbing the
  12. The Hotel administration has the right to unilaterally make a decision to expel the Hotel guest without prior notice if he / she poses a threat to the other Hotel
  13. The Hotel administration has the right to expel the Hotel guests who repeatedly violate these Rules. In such case theguests’ payments are not returned. The guests must pay for all goods and / or services provided prior departure from the Hotel.
  14. The Hotel administration has the right to accommodate / transfer the Hotel guest inanother room or transfer him/her to another hotel under the same or better conditions.
  15. Due to the technical obstacles or any other unforeseen reasons, the Hotel may temporarily not provide certain services. In case these services were included intothe prepaid price, the price is not recalculated and is not refunded to the guest.


  1. Breakfast is served from 08:30 m. to 11:00a. m. on weekdays (I-V), and from 08:30 a. m. until 11:30 a. m. on weekends (VI-VII). Breakfast can be delivered to the room at the additional cost. The in-room breakfast order card must be completed by midnight and hung on the outer handle of the room door.
  2. The guest must inform the Hotel receptionin advance (by 9 p. m. of the day before the departure day) about an early departure before 08:30 a.m. A breakfast box is offered for the guest then.
  3. The guests can use their own food and drinks only in the Hotel room. They bear their own responsibility for a quality of food & drinks.
  4. The guests are not allowed to the restaurant wearing bathrobes and / or
  6. Obey the Hotel Rules.
  7. Obey the fire safety
  8. In case of a fire in theroom or other public area of the Hotel, the guest must inform the Reception by local phone 9, mob. +370 60 110 130 or call the emergency number 112
  9. The guest must turn off all electrical devices (chandeliers,lamps, TV, kettle, iron, phone / computer charger, etc.), water taps, close windows and the door of balcony before leaving the room.
  10. The guest must make sure that the room is locked properly when leaving it.
  11. The guest must follow SPAetiquette, wear swimsuit and slippers, follow hygiene requirements while visiting the Hotel SPA center.
  12. The guests are in charge of minors staying with them: minors must obey the Hotel Rules, follow the requirements of the Hotel staff, not disturb the other guests.
  13. The guests are in charge of their own and accompanying persons’ safety and health while using the Hotel bicycle rental services. The soleresponsibility lies with the guests in the event of an accident (when there are no conditions of the lessor’s civil liability). In this case, the guests have no right or reason to claim any liability or compensation from the Hotel.
  14. In the event of failure/damageof any Hotel inventory, the guests must notify the Hotel reception  The use of the such inventory is strictly prohibited. The Hotel is not liable for the damage caused to the guests or other persons due to the use of the faulty/damaged inventory items.
  15. In case of emergency the guests must call/inform the Hotel Reception.
  16. The guests must pay for all provided servicesbefore the departure from the Hotel.
  17. The guests must return electronic room key-cards to the Receptionbefore leaving the Hotel. The 10 Eur/pcs. fine is applied in case the loss or damage of an electronic key-card.
  19. Noisy behavior, loud musicor any other disturbance of the guests in the Hotel is strictly prohibited during the quiet period – from 10 p.m. until 8 a.m. The quiet period is set by the Hotel administration. If the guests do not comply with this prohibition, they are liable in accordance with the procedures established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  20. Smoking in all Hotel rooms and balconies, restaurant, outdoor terrace, SPA area, gym, all other non-smoking areasis strictly prohibited. The fine of 200 Eur/time is applied for violation of this rule. All rooms and public areas are equipped with fire alarms for the safety  Smoking is allowed only in two special areas – on the 2nd floor public terrace (entrance – from the atrium of the Hotel) and in a specially marked part of the outdoor restaurant terrace.
  21. It is not allowed to move furniture or otherwise rearrange the interior of a room.
  22. It is not allowed to damage the Hotel inventory.
  23. It is not allowed to use of Hotel bed linen, blankets, towels for outdoor
  24. It is prohibited to bring and storeany flammable, hazardous materials, chemical substances in rooms.
  25. It is not allowed to use guests’ privateelectrical appliances unless the Hotel administration has been notified about it and has given a permission to use such appliances. This ban does not apply to the use of computers, phone chargers, shavers and hair dryers.
  26. The minors under 14 years are not allowed to visit/usethe Hotel SPA center and Gym without the supervision of their parents or guardians. Parents or guardians are responsible for the behavior of minors, compliance with these Rules and safety. Children under 3 must wear special diapers in the SPA center.
  27. It is not allowed to useGym and SPA center services in case the guest suffers from infectious, viral or other infectious diseases, as well as in case the guest on has open wounds and / or other health disorders that may endanger the health/life of this person or other guests.
  28. It is not allowed touse the SPA services being under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or any psychotropic substances.
  29. It is not allowed to leave minors under 12 years unattended in the Hotel rooms andall public 
  30. It is prohibited to use fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices in the Hotel area without the written permission of the Hotel Administration and / or the Public institutions in charge of regulation of the use of such devices. Otherwise, a fine of 500 Eur is applied, which is considered to be the minimum unprovable loss.
  31. It is not allowed to make photos or video sessions in the Hotel without the prior Hotel permission and coordination.
  32. It is prohibited to bring any life-threatening tools, weapons or other means into the territory of the Hotel.
  33. It is not allowed to invite any unregistered visitors to the Hotel areasor the room without consent of the Hotel administration.
  34. It is not allowed to use the catering services provided by the third party and consume own alcoholic beverages during the events in the Hotel. The Hotel is notliable for any consequences that may occur due to such breach of the contractual obligations of the participants of the event.
  35. It is not allowed to litter in the Hotel area.


  2. The Hotel gift vouchers can be purchased on the Hotel website amsterdamplaza.lt, at the Hotel Receptionor contacting the Hotel Reception by tel. or by e-mail. Payment must be done at once.
  3. The Hotel reserves the right to change and supplement the termsof purchase and use of gift vouchers at any time. The buyer and / or holder of the gift voucher agrees to the terms of purchase and use of the Hotel gift vouchers. 
  4. The Hotel is not liable for any gift voucher purchaser’s and/or gift voucher holder’s losses incurred as a result of failure to read these rules. If the buyer of the gift voucher is not the same person as the holder, the buyer of the gift voucher is responsible for making the holder of the gift voucher aware of these rules.
  5. The gift voucher is valid for the direct advance reservations only: by phone +370 60 110 130 or email info@amsterdamplaza.lt.The holder of gift voucher shall be deemed to have read / accepted the Hotel Rules once the reservation of services is made. 
  6. The holder of gift voucher must inform the Hotel in advance in case he/shewish to pay for the services by the gift voucher. Reservation is a subject of the Hotel availability. The valid gift voucher has to be presented upon arrival.
  7. A gift voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash, goods or other services.
  8. The services specified in the gift voucher cannot be exchanged to other services. The payment is non-refundable in case the services are not usedat all.
  9. The gift voucher must be used once.
  10. If the value of the services ordered exceeds the amount specified in the gift voucher, the holder of the gift voucher has to pay the difference in advance upon arrival. If the value of the services ordered is less than the amount specified in the gift voucher, the difference will not be refunded.
  11. If theguest prefers to stay in a higher category of room than specified in the gift voucher, the surcharges will be applied according
  12. A gift voucher is not valid after the expiry date. A gift voucher must be used during its validity period.
  13. In case the gift voucher is for a specific amount of money for use for a variety of services, the VAT invoice to the holder of the gift voucher will be issued after the gift voucher has been used.
  14. VAT invoice will be issued after the gift voucher has been used.


  1. The liability of the Parties for non-performance of the agreed services / duties in the circumstances of FORCE MAJEURE is regulated by Article 6.212 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
  2. The Parties acknowledge that any oral or written information exchanged between the Parties in connection with the provision of Hotel services is regarded as confidential information.Each Party shall maintain confidentiality of all such information, and without obtaining the written consent of the other Party, it shall not disclose it to any third parties, except of cases where disclosure of information is necessary under the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. When collecting, processing and storing any data and information provided by guests, the Hotel shall follow the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the procedure for collecting, processing and storing personal data. The Hotel Privacy Policy is available on amsterdamplaza.lt.
  4. The Hotel shall not accept any guests’claims and shall not be liable for any guests’ losses if it was caused by the guests’ non-compliance with the requirements / recommendations of these Rules.
  5. Any disputes arising between the Hotel and the guests shall be settled by negotiation. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, the disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in the competent court according to the location of the Hotel’s registered office indicated in the Register of Legal Entities.
  6. It is possible to apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (address Vilniaus s 25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail tarnyba@vvtat.lt,tel. +370 5 262 67 51, website www.vvtat.lt) as well as to the territorial branches of the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (or to fill in the application form on the EGS platform http://ec.europa.eu/odr/) for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.
  7. The Hotel welcomes guests’ recommendationsand suggestions for the improvement of the Hotel services. Written suggestions and / or complaints are discussed during the periodic Hotel managementmeetings. 


Have a pleasant stay! You are always welcome at the Hotel “Amsterdam Plaza” in Palanga!